Planning and creating strategies

Creating the perfect strategy for companies and planning the project.

From product genesis to efficient manufacturing process.  

Consultancy Services


  • Analysis of business portfolio
  • Benchmark of competitors
  • Strategical Analysis
  • Analysis of building and process organization
  • Analysis of technical divisions (3/5 M)
  • Analysis of technical products
  • Asset-Estimation for plants and Business Units
  • Flow-Charting and VSM
  • Bottleneck-Analysis
  • Clusteranalysis

Create strategies

  • Alternative business strategies on technical base
  • Check and Definition of product- and production possibilities
  • Showing M&A possibilities
  • Define and secure locations
  • Definition of structures
  • Special strategies for owner-managed companies
  • Definition and evaluation of Investment-Strategies
  • Business Plan


  • Location search and planning
  • Plant (Greenfield/Brownfield)
  • Production- and logistics-Planning
  • Transfer of producing units
  • Planning of materials handling and automation
  • Planning of EC-/Paintshops and assembly lines
  • Planning of hardening units
  • Selection and determination of simulation tools for assembly
  • Investment-Planning
  • Enhancement of capacities
  • Integration of valuable KPI's
  • Planning of technical order processing
  • Planning of the process organization (Assembly and part production)
  • Planning of the building organization