Dr. Can Abay

Decades of experience in international management. Catalyst for industrial decisions.


Do you want to (re-)invest in production facilities ?

You want to restructure ?

You want to relocate ?


The rhythm of industry in the context of globalization is extremely demanding. The pool of references listed below provides the determination and the basis for sound decisions.


Let's tackle it together...

Perfect strength through Interim Management

Extraordinary ideas and courage.

Increasingly tougher global challenges place high demands on management for manufacturing companies. There is little room for "try & error". Managing volatility and dealing with the international production world, as well as SCM, requires more and more experience and flexibility. Analysis phases must be kept short. The adequate implementation of projects must be started all the faster.

Planning and strategical mindset

Create the perfect strategy for your company, evaluation and planning. Including the entire life cycle of the product.

Managing companies and projects

As an interim manager, the implementation of the planned strategies and projects succeeds precisely and effectively. 

The high flexibility, the possibility of a cold start and the independent approach give projects an unusually high implementation speed. 

Consultancy foreign countries

The majority of production sites are in low-wage countries. As a supplier region for Europe, countries such as Turkey, Maghreb and Eastern EU offer a very attractive variant for production and R&D.

However, you need the right understanding and the right methodology so that projects can be successfully designed here.