Commercial Vehicles - OEM

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG Munich

Axle production

Brownfieldplanning / Restructuring of axle production unit in Munich. Production of gears and assembly of axles for whole company. Doubling of output. Implementation of full-automated hardening process. Investment about 30 Mio. € 

Truck assembly

Definition of component interfaces to assembly line. JIT/JIS delivery of axles in Munich plant. Automated logistical processes-chain.


Connection of main assembly to component production unit in Munich. Capacity enhancement of axle production. Introduction of MES. A Million-Dollar-Project. 

MAN Busproduction Ankara


Capacity enhancement in Turkey. Process and building organisation. Take over of construction highness. 

Body in white

Planning of plant and tools. One of the biggest EC-plants for coaches established in Ankara. A 20 Mio. € Project.

Neoplan M&A

Neoplan Ltd. was overtaken by MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG. Main production location is Ankara. Following and advising M&A decisions.

Krone Holding and Dogus Group

Krone Dogus AG

JV between Krone Fahrzeugbau GmbH and Dogus Holding in Tire/Izmir. Building of the biggest EC-Plant for trailers with Eisenmann. A 50 Mio. € Project. 

Building a facility

Greenfieldplanning and realization. Full automated assembly line and EC-Unit for a high variant of trailers.

In terms of crisis

An example for perfect handling of the political situation. A case for Krone Company.

British Motor Company AG / WAS GmbH

Strategical planning

Management and leading of bus unit. Strategical orientation. Investment of Qatar Army. A billion dollar project.

Modular Light Bus

Technical Start-Up basing on a modular Bus-Production concept in Izmir/Türkei. R&D Project - from the idea to the running prototype.

WAS GmbH Ambulances

New strategical setup of WAS Ltd. Greenfield-Planning including production planning for automated assembly lines. One piece flow and  automated manufacturing of ambulances.

Big deal in medical engineering.

TIER 1 Suppliers


Restructuring one of the worldwide biggest wheel producer. Reallocation of European plants to Turkey. Greenfield planning of new facilities.

Tirsan Kardan

Optimization of production and erection of new R&D periphery. New markets as Russia and Korea. 

Jantsa AG

Restructuring of the biggest wheel manufacturer in Turkey. Materialflow optimization and lean structures. Full range of black belt program.

Standard Profil

Sealing components for automotive industry. Planning of a new plant and ramping up the new plant. Establishment of the building organization. New production concepts for clients as udi, BMW, Toyota.

Heinze GmbH

Plastic injection molding for automotive, tool manufacturing, plastic coating, construction.

Restructuring, avoiding insolvency of the Krallmann company.

KSM Castings

100% subsidiary of Dicastal China with 10.000 employees. Customer BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW Group. 5 plants in EU. Restructuring, transformation, increasing liquidity, establishment of financial areas, segmentation of production. 

Further Branches

WeWire GmbH

100% subsidiary Coroplast GmbH. Cable harness production for VW Group, BMW, etc.

Rationalization and concentration  according to MAGHREB. Plant closure in Eastern EU.


Strategical setup one of the well known producer of tooling machines. 

Differentials for Maybach, Turbocharger and EDC modules for BMW and automatic gears for Mercedes Benz; sheet metal processing for Daimler Truck and MAN heavy trucks.

Ingersoll Rand

Screwless compressors for heavy duty. Even for food industry. Implementing of KPI's and optimization of the production.

Heper ML Group

Biggest lighting manufacturer in Turkey. Product development and intelligent solutions for technical lightning. Establishing of a fitting R&D periphery. Strategical consultancy of a owner-managed company. Clients as BMW and Osram.  

University and Contacts

iwb - Institute for tooling machines and business science of  TU München

BMW AG and Acatech. From Industry 4.0 to Anysim. Decades ago, high tech for industry was developed under Prof. Milber. Manufacturing philosophies and development projects in harmony. Customers such as BMW and Bosch relay heavily on the knowledge of this institute.




Listed as International Interim Manager for many years.